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There are many secrets and unanswered questions about Zelda64 that we dont know about. This section is dedicated to answering those questions. You can help too, if you have anything to submit just e-mail me and i will put them on my site. I will give you credit for those you submit.

Inside the Castle
Submitted by Kimmybean.
There is a part of the game where you can see all of the polygons(how the game was created) As adult link, go to the castle. cross the rainbow bridge, but don't go in the castle. jump to the ledge on the right side. walk a few steps, then turn around. equip your hook shot. There is a small section at the top of the wall where you will be able to hookshot to. It is the top right point(above the spikes). If you get the right angle, you will be able to hookshot right over the wall, and land on the other side.What you will see will amaze you. It is the interior of the castle, but it is all polygons (series of triangler shapes used to creat the game.)

Infinite Gold Skultullas
Submitted by Andrew Ng.
1. be young link.
2. go past the guards until you get to the castle where there's a hole.
3. find the tree by the castle.
4. bomb the base of the tree to find a secret grotto and enter.
5. Bomb the left wall.
7. kill the gold skulltula. kill the regular one if you want
8. go very close to the hole where you warp out.
9. Z-lock the token and use the boomerang.
10. immediately when the boomerang touches it walk into the hole.
11. look at your gold skulltula counter you will have one more.
12. now go back in and bomb the wall again...
13. LOOK the gold skulltula is there again.
14. keep doing this until you have as many gold skulltulas killed as you want!

Underwater Camera Trick
Submitted by Vince. First of all, you must be an adult. Now go to Zoras Domain and get on the ice. now get out your fairy bow and Z-target and bend back as far as you can go. Now, if you did it, your camera should be under the ice. Now you can see every thing all wavy, like your under's useless but its cool.

Zoras River Frogs
When you are swimming up Zoras river as a kid, you may notice that there are some frogs that are staring at you from underwater. If you stand on the rouund part of the log and take out your ocarina, the frogs will hop out and listen to you play. When a song is played, the frogs will thank you and give you 50 rupies. If you play the song of storms, they will give you a heart piece. Each song only works once. After that is done they will play the bug catching game with you. you have to play the correct note corresponding to the frog that the bug is above. When it is won you will win 50 rupies.

Cheating on games!
You can cheat on the Treasure chest game in the Market without getting in trouble! Just use the lens of truth to see through the treasure chests, and pick the right one.

Mysterious house
Submitted by Beandogg21.
Ever notice on the map if you look at the Zoras Domain waterfall you will see a small house up there. This is defienitely not in the game. Then what is it for?

Flying Epona!
Submitted by Daddybill.
It is more of a white outline of link riding epona and you can hookshot her through the air. first go to ganons castle and the final battle let him knock the sword out of your hand, immediately save and turn the game off and back on. you will still have the master sword but DO NOT equip it. go immediately to the ranch without warping or riding epona. when you get in go to the outside of the fence to the left and call epona. she should get stuck inside the fence. do not saddle epona and go to malons house. and come back out and epona should be stuck in the ground DO NOT save and reset your game. go to the left of the castle and face it. then pull out a bottle and swing it. when in mid air pause and switch to your ocarina he should put the bottle to his mouth. play eponas song twice while facing left side of castle she should not come.......yet turn around and hit climb and all of the sudden mount an invisible epona at that time you should also be while riding epona you can hookshot you and her  both any where...even the air!!!! to stop the trick simply dismount epona and equip the master sword.

Huge Badguys
Submitted by Beandogg21.
If you kill 10 Stalchilds(Skeletons), Leevers(green things in the desert), or Keese(Bats) a bigger one will appear. They are tougher to kill then the average ones.

Infinite gold rupees
The way to get as many gold rupees as you want is to go into the lost woods as an adult (between the poachers saw and little girl section of the trading sequence)and take a left. the skull kid will be on his stump playing his flute, but if you approach him he will jump off and start shooting darts at you with his flute. Lust go up to him and slash him to pieces. Eventually he will fall and die in a big purple cloud of smoke, leaving behind a big shiny gold rupee. Get it, then leave the woods and do it as many times as you want.

Note: this trick will only work between the poachers saw and the weird potion part of the adults trading sequence.

Submitted by Vince.
First of all you must have killed enough skullatulas to free all the of the rich family in kakariko village. Now, if you have freed the guy in the middle he will give you a gold rupee.Now exit, and then re-enter. Talk to the guy in the middle he will give you another gold rupee. you can do this as many times as you want, so when ever your low on cash talk to the guy in the middle.

Free stuff
Free Cow: If you return to Lon Lon Ranch after you get Epeona, Malon will challenge you to a race. If you beat 50 sec. she will say what she wants to give you somthing but it is too heavy to carry. If you return to your house there is a cow in it!

Free Hylian Shield: You must NOT have the Hylian Shield already for this trick to work. Go to Kakiriko Graveyard at nightime as a kid and pull back the grave with flowers in the first row of graves. Jump in the pit and open the chest inside.

NOTE: If you already have the Hylian Shield, the chest will contain a blue rupee.

Free Lon Lon Milk: If you have an empty bottle, stand in front of any cow and play "Epona's Song". The cow will feel energetic and fill your bottle up with Lon Lon Milk for free!

Mysterious Pyramid in Haunted Wasteland
After you follow all the poles with the flags on them, you will come to a building where the ghost leads you to the Desert Colosus. If you face towards the east and play the Song of Storms the lightning will outline some pyramidal structure in the distance. If you approach it it will be larger, but if you get too close you will be returned to the beginning of the Haunted Wasteland. Keep using the Song of Storms to make lightning to outline the thing and you'll see what I mean. I wonder what's over there?

More than four Bottles
To get more than four bottles go to a place where there are fish swimming in a shallow pool, like the hole behind the potion shop in Kokariko Villiage, or Zora's fountain. Equip a bottle, and swap at a fish. When he is in mid-swap pause it and equip something useless in the bottle's place(like the claim check after you've gotten Biggorons Sword) and it will turn into a bottle. DON'T use something important, because if you save it you won't be able to get it back.

The Running Man
There is no way of beating him. He always beats you by 1 second! Nintendo Power says "Nope. He cannot be beat". And then, why did they put it in the game?! Besides, why do you have a table of the records at your home? Mmmmmm... this smells tricky.

Unreachable Cavern
This is the wierdest part of the game. Go to Zoras Domain as a kid and stand on the island near the ladder. The jump into the water in between the island and the ladder(well not exactly betwwen the ladder and the island, more to the right of it) and swim down. You will see a cave in the side of the wall. Im not talking about the hole that leads you to Lake Hylia. If you try to swim down to it(even with the gold scale) you will find that you come so close to making it inside it but don't. You cant use the iron boots to sink to the bottom because Zoras Domain is frozen as an adult. What is this for? Mabye it is a secret passage to the Sacred realm? A screenshot of this is coming soon.
Mystery Solved!!By Charley
To get to that "cave", you have to play the rupee game with the guy on top of the waterfall. after you jump down the waterfall, go to the island near that cave and wait. Just before the timer reaches zero, backflip into the water and you should fall down all the way to the bottom if you did it right. But when you swim towards the cave, you will see that it is just an indent into the side about 3 feet long...Well that was really depressing to see that with my own eyes!

Hyrulian Loach
Click here for a Picture
by Monty Karrar (not confirmed)
The way to get the Hyrule Loach is to go outside the fishing pond and play the song of storms at night. Then go inside and talk to the fisherman and selct to talk about something. He will tell you that you cant see the fish because the water is cloudy. Although it really isn't but it is still working. Pay him to fish .Then get the sinking lure. To get it, you have to search the pond everywhere. It appears in random locations so search hard! Its a long black eel. It weighs upwards of 30 pounds. It lurks at the bottom of the pond, coming only up for breaths of air. You will defenitlly know if its there if you hear taps on the water. Use your iron boots to sink to the bottom and look around for it. Cast your lure near it and let it sink to its level then make your lure swim by it. Hopefully it will start to go after it. Once caught, go to the owner and he will talk to you about it, then make you throw it back because its endangered. You only get a 50 rupees for all that trouble. Perhaps there is more to the Hyrulian Loach than just a purple rupee?

Secret of Butterflies
Ever wonder what secret the harmless little butterflies are hiding that flutter about Hyrule? As young Link, take out a stick and find some butterflies. Slowly follow them until one touches the stick -- which,magicially turns it into a red fairy. Use a bottle to catch it or touch it to be healed instantly.

Cucco game cheat
This should make it a lot easier to catch the Super Cuccoos. As young Link, go to Lon Lon Ranch and enter the first door on the left. The sleeping guy (Talon?) will be there in a room full of chickens. Grab and toss all the chickens into the corner of the room where the bottom of the staircase is. The chickens will get stuck there and won't roam as much. Now go and play the Super Cucco game. He'll toss his three "super chickens" into the room. An easy win, now that all the other chickens are stuck in the corner. The prize: A full bottle of Lon Lon milk.

Great Fairy Locations
1 - Spin Slash and first magic meter - Hold down B and wait for your sword to charge up then release to use this magic. Hold B longer for an even more powerful one. Go to the top of Death Mountain and bomb the rock to the left of the sign to find the great faerie.

2 - Din's Fire - Makes a ball of fire surround you burning enemies and lighting torches. Go to the Hyrule Castle grounds (after the Market) and find the rock with a sign that says dead end. Blow up the rock with a bomb and enter the cave to find this great faerie.

3 - Farore's Wind - Set's up a warp point at the last doorway you went through and then either dispels it or warps you to it if you use it again. Go to the Zora's Fountain (behind King Zora in Zora's Domain) and look behind Jabu-Jabu to find a little island. Bomb the rock in the wall here to find this great faerie.

4 - Double magic meter First you need the Megaton Hammer from the Fire Temple. Then go to King Goron's room. Go through the back of his room and enter the Death Mountain crater. Immediately go right over a bridge to a cave blocked by two red rocks. Destroy the red rocks using the hammer and enter the cave to find the faerie.

5 - Nayru's Love - Puts a protective barrier around you for a time. Warp to the Colossus Giant and look for 2 palm trees with a gap in between them. Bomb the crack in the wall there to find this faerie.

6 - Double life - Makes you take half damage from enemies After you get the Golden Gauntlet in Gannon's Castle, go outside to where the faerie fountain was that you got Din's Fire in and lift the huge pillar-rock up to find this last faerie.

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